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Walli v2.12.73 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Walli Elevate Your Device with Stunning Wallpapers, Make your phone’s screen super cool! It’s this awesome app with tonnes of really cool wallpapers that will make your phone look amazing. They’re all super high-quality and artsy, so you’ll have the coolest wallpapers ever! This app, made by Shanga, lets you make your devices super cool with awesome backgrounds! You can choose from amazing landscapes or really cool drawings. It’s like having your own personal style on your phone or tablet!

A World of Artistic Wallpapers

Walli has, soooo many cool wallpapers made by super talented artists from all over the world! totally awesome! If you want cool pictures of nature, weird art, or simple stuff, this app has it all for different tastes!

Curated Collections

The app has super cool collections that make finding new wallpapers sooo much fun! Check out cool stuff like Nature, Abstract, Animals, Art, and more! You can find awesome wallpapers that totally match your style.

Supporting Artists

Walli is super cool because it really, helps out artists and stuff. whenever you download a cool wallpaper, the artist who made it gets some money too! It’s super awesome because it helps artists show off their work and get famous.

High-Quality Visuals

Walli makes sure that the wallpapers it has are super duper good quality! They make them look awesome on all kinds of devices and screens. The app is super duper dedicated to making your device’s screen look totally amazing and full of colours that pop!

Easy Set-Up

setting up a wallpaper from Walli super duper easy peasy lemon squeezy! with just a few taps, you can put on a cool wallpaper on your device’s screen and make it look totally awesome!

Wallpaper Customization

Walli is super cool ’cause it lets you change and cut wallpapers to fit your phone screen just right! You can also pick if you want it to be tall or wide, depending on what you like.

Daily Wallpaper

The app has this super cool thing called the “40” feature! It’s every single day, you get a brand new and totally awesome wallpaper to look at. It’s soooo captivating, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it! This cool thingy makes sure you get a super awesome and exciting background every time you open your phone!

Favorites and Downloads

Walli super cool ’cause it lets you save all your fave wallpapers and remember all the stuff you downloaded. the best! This cool thingy lets you easily change your wallpapers and make your device look super awesome!

Regular Updates and New Artwork

Shanga always puts new cool stuff on Walli, so you can have lots of awesome wallpapers to pick from all the time! The app is super cool ’cause it always gives you new stuff to make your phone look awesome!

Free-to-Use with Premium Options

Walli totally free to use! You can get all these cool wallpapers and stuff. awesome! Hey, guess what? You can get some super cool stuff if you buy some extra things in the app! There are these awesome premium options that give you even more cool features and wallpapers that nobody else has. How cool is that?


Hey, Walli wants you to make your device super cool with its awesome wallpapers! They’ve got a bunch of really cool and creative ones for you to choose from. So go ahead and make your phone look super awesome! this app has, sooo many cool pictures and stuff! You can, totally make your phone look super awesome and show off your own style. really easy to use and you can make it look exactly how you want it to! If you like nature, cool designs, or awesome pictures, Walli has tonnes of cool stuff that can make your phone look super cool and pretty!

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