State of Survival: Zombie War


Unlimited Money + Gems

State of Survival v1.20.90 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money + Gems)

State of Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Money + Gems), Are you prepared to take the zombie apocalypse on with both feet? Get lost in State of Survival: Zombie War, an experience that brings together elements of leadership, survival, and strategy.


Are you a player who isn’t afraid of anything, has a taste for challenging strategic situations, and a passion for Games that involve survival? Here you will find the post-apocalyptic gaming experience you’ve been looking for! State of Survival: In Zombie War, you will have the opportunity to explore a planet infested with zombies, form alliances with other players, and construct a prosperous town in the middle of mayhem.

State of Survival

State of Survival: You are dropped into a terrifying world that has been invaded by zombies in Zombie War. Your objective as a survivor is to build a strong town, stockpile useful resources, and protect your people from waves of the undead.

Principal Characteristics of State of Survival

Find out more about the game-altering elements that make State of Survival: Zombie War the best survival Strategy Games on the market today:

Base Construction

Begin by constructing and fortifying the foundations of your community. In order to secure the continued existence of your society, you will need to equip your base with the necessary buildings, defenses, and resource-generating facilities.

Alliance Dynamics

Create strategic alliances with the other players in the Games to bolster your position and work together to achieve shared goals. Combating zombies and other competing groups requires a strong sense of teamwork.

Strategic Decision-Making

Managing resources, delegating duties, and efficiently deploying soldiers all need you to make important decisions. The expansion of your colony and the viability of your faction are both influenced by the decisions you make.

Zombie Battles

Fight spectacular fights against swarms of zombies in this action-packed game. To achieve victory, you will need to place your soldiers strategically, activate special powers, and take advantage of any vulnerabilities.

Heroes and Upgrades

Find and cultivate heroes with distinct talents to serve as leaders of your armies. Improve the fighting capability of your heroes and warriors by giving them upgrades, which will also uncover new strategic possibilities for you.

Strategies for Thriving Amidst the Apocalypse

Maintaining a healthy Lifestyle in the State of Survival: Strategy and resource management are essential skills when playing Zombie War. The following are some crucial strategies that can help you navigate your journey:

Build Efficiently

To ensure the continued expansion of your colony, you should make the construction and improvement of structures that generate resources a top priority. A strong foundation may provide a consistent flow of vital resources if it is well-balanced.

Form Alliances

Consolidate your position against shared foes by banding together with other players to share resources, receive reinforcements, and fight off common dangers. The ability to work together effectively is essential to survival.

Hero Management

When leading your soldiers into combat, it is important to strategically deploy heroes whose skills compliment one another. Invest in your heroes’ development and adjust their rosters so they can face the many threats posed by zombies.

Resource Management

If you want to prevent shortages and other obstacles, effectively manage your resources. Maintaining a prosperous community requires allocating resources in a way that takes into account both immediate need and long-term objectives.

Tactical Battles

Combat with zombies should always be approached strategically. Research the capabilities and limitations of the adversary, then adjust the make-up of your army and your Strategy appropriately.


State of Survival: As you make your way through the chaotic aftermath of a zombie apocalypse in Zombie War, you’ll find yourself in the riveting realm of survival, strategy, and leadership. Because of the proximity of the undead to your settlement and the scarcity of resources, the future of your community will be determined by the strategic decisions you make and the leadership skills you demonstrate. In order to begin on an epic voyage of survival, alliances, and conquest of the living dead, you will need to assemble your allies and secure your base in State of Survival: Zombie War. Good luck!

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