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TapScanner is a cutting-edge mobile software that provides a foolproof method for converting your smartphone into a portable scanner. You can get it for free here. TapScanner gives its users the ability to digitise documents while they are on the move thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities and intuitive UI. In this post, we will dig into the world of TapScanner and study the ways in which it makes the process of document scanning and management simpler.

The Era of Mobile Productivity

As the capability of our cellphones increases, they also serve as a wide variety of Tools that may be used for productivity. Mobile scanning applications are an essential component of this ecosystem since they enable users to digitise Photos and physical documents in a prompt and time-effective manner.

Introducing TapScanner

TapScanner is a mobile application that makes use of the camera on your smartphone to scan and digitise a variety of items, including receipts, business cards, and papers. Because of its sophisticated capabilities, it enables you to generate digital copies of superior quality at any time and in any location.

The TapScanner Experience

High-Quality Scans

TapScanner makes use of sophisticated algorithms to improve the quality of scanned documents, which ultimately results in pictures that are distinct and crisp.

Automatic Document Detection

The clever technology of the Apps can automatically recognise the limits of the document and align it so that the scan produces the best possible results.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

TapScanner goes beyond basic scanning by including optical character recognition capabilities. This function transforms scanned text into digital material that can be edited, giving you the ability to search for, copy, and modify the text included inside the document.

Batch Scanning

It’s all about being efficient. Because it is possible to scan many pages in a single batch using TapScanner, this Apps is an excellent choice for scanning multi-page documents or projects.

Cloud Integration

TapScanner is designed to interact easily with cloud storage providers, giving you the ability to save scanned documents in the cloud and retrieve them from a variety of devices.

Unlocking Efficiency with TapScanner

Paperless Workflow

TapScanner is able to convert paper documents into digital files that are simple to organise and store, making it possible for businesses to move towards a paperless workflow.


You no longer need to carry around hard copies of digitised papers because they are instantly available on your smartphone.


Even if you transfer devices, the cloud connectivity that TapScanner provides will keep all of your papers arranged and easily accessible.


When you are working with several papers, the automated document identification and batch scanning functions of the application will save you time.

OCR Benefits

TapScanner’s optical character recognition (OCR) functionality makes it possible to pull text from scanned documents and edit it in a way that boosts productivity.

Getting Started with TapScanner

Step 1: Download TapScanner

Search for TapScanner: Find the Apps called Camera to PDF Scanner, OCR, or QR in your device’s Apps store and download it.

Step 2: Install and Open

Install the app and open it on your smartphone.

Step 3: Allow Permissions

Provide the app with the required rights to access your camera and storage space on your device.

Step 4: Scan Documents

To begin the scanning process, position the paper so that it is visible in the camera’s viewfinder, then press the capture button.

Step 5: Edit and Enhance

Make adjustments to the scan’s quality and alignment using the editing options offered by TapScanner.

Step 6: OCR (Optional)

Make use of the OCR function in order to pull text from the scanned document, if that becomes necessary.

Step 7: Save and Share

You may send the scanned document to others via email, messaging applications, or cloud storage once you have saved it as a PDF or image file.

Empowering Productivity with TapScanner

On-the-Go Scanning

Due to the fact that TapScanner is mobile, it is possible for you to scan documents regardless of where you are, removing the requirement for specialised scanning equipment.

Digital Archiving

Documents that have been digitised are more simpler to keep, manage, and archive, all of which contribute to a clutter-free working environment.

Enhanced Collaboration

The ability to readily exchange and collaborate on digitised materials streamlines both the work of a team and the administration of a project.


TapScanner is an example of the confluence of technology and convenience. It is a smartphone application that provides a flexible solution for document scanning and administration. TapScanner is an essential piece of software for those who want to simplify their workflow, cut down on the amount of paper they use, and increase their overall productivity. It has automated identification, OCR capabilities, and the ability to integrate with cloud services. TapScanner gives you the ability to harness the power of scanning directly from the palm of your hand, making it possible for you to do things like digitise crucial documents, keep track of receipts, and collaborate on projects.

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