Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)

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Pulse SMS a flexible messaging service that syncs across your phone, tablet, and web browser, making it possible for you to stay connected no matter where you are. Investigate its features and benefits, as well as the ways in which it transforms the way you interact with messages.


In a world where maintaining connections is of the utmost importance, it is of the utmost value to have a messaging software that can sync flawlessly across various devices. Pulse SMS is a comprehensive solution that ensures you are never disconnected from the people and information important to you by bridging the gap between your smartphone, tablet, and web browser.

Unveiling Pulse SMS

People who desire a unified messaging experience across all of their devices may take advantage of Pulse SMS, which was developed just for them. Pulse SMS assures that constant Communication will take place by providing synchronisation and accessibility on mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and web browsers.

Exploring the Features

Users are presented with a straightforward and uncomplicated user experience as soon as they run the Pulse SMS application. The design of the Apps places a high priority on functionality and convenience of use, guaranteeing that users will have an easy time navigating the Apps and taking use of its features.

Multi-Device Sync

The ability to sync Pulse SMS with many devices is the app’s most notable feature. You’ll never miss a beat even if you switch between devices thanks to this function, which synchronises your communications across all of your devices—your phone, tablet, and web browser—so you can do so with ease.

Web Browser Access

A web browser interface is provided by Pulse SMS; this interface displays messages received on your phone. You may read your messages, send answers, and manage conversations all from within the web browser on your own computer by scanning a QR code.

Tablet Compatibility

The synchronisation capabilities of Pulse SMS have been expanded to include tablets. This ensures that your experience with messaging will be the same across all of your devices, whether you’re using your phone, tablet, or PC.

Rich Media Support

You are able to send and receive a wide variety of multimedia material while using Pulse SMS, including still images, motion images, and Audio messages. Because of this function, the depth of your interactions will be significantly increased.

Scheduled Messages

You are able to plan messages in advance using Pulse SMS, ensuring that crucial news or greetings are delivered at the ideal moment for the recipient.

Search and Organization

Because it comes equipped with powerful search and organisation options, Pulse SMS makes it simple to look for certain messages, chats, or media assets.

Notifications and Customization

The notification settings of the application may be customised, which enables you to assign distinct notification tones, vibration patterns, and LED colours to various contacts or groups of contacts.


By providing a unified messaging experience on all of your devices—including your phone, tablet, and web browser—Pulse SMS revolutionises the way in which you interact. Pulse SMS allows you to stay connected at all times, regardless of where you are, thanks to its ability to synchronise multiple devices, provide access to the internet through a web browser, and support for rich media. Pulse SMS is a service that helps you stay in contact in a smooth manner despite the blurring of the lines between different types of devices.

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