Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure


Unlimited Money, Gems, Hints, Diamonds

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure (Mod, Unlimited Money, Gems, Hints) v13.5 APK

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure (Mod, Unlimited Money, Gems, Hints) is a super cool Games for Android! It’s all about escaping from prison and solving tricky puzzles. You get to go on an awesome adventure all around the world, from regular old prison cells to really cool places like the Himalayas and Mayan ruins. It’s so much fun! Get your thinking cap on, look for secret hints, and find stuff to go through tricky mazes and escape from jail.

Do you like super exciting games where you have to escape from prison and use your brain a lot? Do you like playing tricky escape room games that make your brain go all twisty-turny? If you say yes to one of these questions, then Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure is a game you really, really, really don’t want to miss! This game for Android is super cool! It’s like a mix of escaping from jail and solving puzzles. It’s so exciting, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat!

Features of Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure

  • Escape and Puzzle Challenges: Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure is like when you pretend to escape from jail and solve really tricky puzzles at the same time! Your job is to look for clues, things, and solve tricky puzzles to make sure you can get away.
  • Diverse Game Levels: The game has lots of different levels, like a jail cell and security cells, and even a super cool Alcatraz prison! As you keep going, the things you have to do get harder and more fun.
  • Worldwide Adventure: After you escape from jail, the game makes you go on a big adventure all around the world! Let’s go on an adventure to cool places like the big mountains called the Himalayas, ancient Mayan ruins, and a super fun forest! Every place has different puzzles and mysteries to figure out.
  • Thrilling Escape Rooms: Once you’re really, really good at getting out of jail, the game gives you super exciting puzzles to solve in escape rooms. Try to escape from places like hospitals, log cabins, tribal villages, and ghost towns!
  • Logic and Mystery: To win in Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure, you gotta be super smart, find secret clues, get cool stuff, and go through tricky mazes. The game is super duper fun ’cause you get to think really hard and solve cool mysteries!
  • Offline Play: Have fun playing without needing the internet! If you’re going to school or on a trip, you can play fun escape games even without the internet.
  • Crisp HD Graphics: The game has really pretty pictures that make it look super cool and make you feel like you’re really there!
  • Hints Available: If you get stuck on a puzzle, the game can help you with hints to make it easier.

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure Gameplay

The Ultimate Escape Challenge

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure super cool! It’s all about escaping from prison and solving puzzles. So much fun! Your job is to be super smart and figure out how to beat the hard stuff and get away by using your big brain and thinking really hard.

Diverse Escape Scenarios

The game takes you to lots of different levels, like a jail cell, security cells, and even the super famous Alcatraz! As you go up the levels, the puzzles get harder and harder. You have to solve really tricky riddles and find the right things to help you get away.

Beyond Alcatraz

Once you’ve made it out of Alcatraz, the fun doesn’t stop! The game takes you to a super cool place called the New Dawn Escape Facility! You have to get this really important thing called a vaccine to keep people safe from really bad stuff. As you keep going, you’ll get to go to lots of cool places, like the forest, secret labs underground, and ancient Mayan ruins. It’s gonna be super fun exploring all around the world!

Thrilling Escape Rooms

After beating the prison escape games, Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure has lots of fun escape room adventures for you to play! You’ll have to run away from hospitals, little houses in the woods, places where tribes live, and even towns where ghosts live. Every situation has its own special puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Logic Quests and Mystery

The game is like a big adventure with lots of secrets. In every room escape, you gotta be super smart, find clues, uncover secret stuff, and go through tricky mazes to break out of jail and win!

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure is super cool! It’s not just a game, it’s like a super fun thing that makes you think a lot and use your brain. It’s so much fun that you can play it for hours and never get bored! If you’re playing on your way to school or on a trip, the game has lots of different levels, super exciting situations, and you can even play without internet!

Get this cool game for free on the Google Play Store and show everyone that you’re the best at escaping from prison!

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