Prince of Persia : Escape


Unlimited Money + Gems

Prince of Persia Escape v1.2.11 APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems)

Prince of Persia Escape! totally awesome and you’ll feel all the excitement of this famous platformer game. check out this super cool guide to totally own all the levels in Prince of Persia! You’ll find all the secret stuff and feel like you’re playing the original Games all over again.


Get ready to go on a super cool Adventure through time and all that old stuff with Prince of Persia Escape! this super cool Games has like totally hooked players for, forever with its awesome story, tricky puzzles, and crazy action! Hey there! Get ready to dive into the awesome world of Prince of Persia Escape! We’re gonna give you all the super important tips, tricks, and cool stuff you need to beat the tricky levels and rescue the princess. Let’s go!

Reliving the Legendary Adventure

get ready to feel all the magic vibes of this super cool story! You’re gonna be, a brave prince and stuff. It’s gonna be so epic! Prince of Persia Escape totally awesome! It’s all about this super cool Games that everyone loved back in the day. But now, it’s even better ’cause it’s got a modern twist! You get to jump around and do all these cool platformer moves just like in the old game. It’s gonna make your heart go boom!

Getting Started with Prince of Persia Escape

Start your Adventure by, totally downloading Prince of Persia Escape from, your fave Apps store! Once you put it in, go on a super cool Adventure to save the princess from a mean old guy! Go on super dangerous adventures, figure out tricky puzzles, and have epic sWord battles while you try to be the hero and save the day!

Mastering the Controls

as the prince, you gotta show off your super cool agility and reflexes to, totally survive all the crazy challenges that are coming your way! Learn how to do all the cool stuff like running, jumping, climbing, and fighting! Swipe, swipe, and tap again to, super smoothly go through all the, crazy obstacles and bad guys that are waiting for you.

Unveiling Hidden Secrets and Collectibles

Prince of Persia Escape super cool! It’s got, tonnes of hidden secrets, collectibles, and bonus levels just waiting to be found. a total adventure! Hey, make sure you look for secret passages and play with stuff to find cool prizes, extra story stuff, and hidden surprises that give a shout-out to the game’s awesome past.

every level in Prince of Persia Escape super duper cool! a total maze with, traps and spikes and stuff. And, there are these, pits that you can fall into, and, enemies trying to get you! sooo intense! be super careful when you come across any obstacle, okay? And, use your brain to outsmart any dangers that might, get in the way of your progress. Timing super duper important, so make sure you’re ready to do, totally awesome jumps and moves to get through without getting hurt.

Epic Boss Battles

Get ready to take on super tough enemies in super epic sWord fights! you gotta watch what your opponent does all the time, figure out what they’re gonna do next, and then attack at just the right moment to win the fight! you gotta be all about showing off your awesome fighting skills to beat those super tough boss battles in the game. totally important and stuff.


Make your prince look super cool and awesome by choosing from tonnes of outfits and cool stuff! You can create a totally unique and stylish look that no one else has. It’s gonna be so much fun! you can totally pick whatever clothes you want, from old-fashioned outfits to super cool ones. It’s all up to you, dude! Get ready to look super cool and have an awesome adventure!

Tips and Tricks for Triumph

Practice Patience: Take ur time to check out ur surroundings and plan ur moves super carefully.

Master Timing: Make sure you time your jumps, attacks, and dodges just right to beat all the super hard stuff.

Study Patterns: watch how the bad guys move and attack so you can totally beat them in fights.


Prince of Persia Escape super cool! It’s all about this awesome adventure that everyone loved, forever. You gotta try it, it’s so much fun! this game is like super duper cool! It’s got, really hard levels that make you think and stuff. And the story is soooo interesting, you won’t be able to stop playing! Plus, it’s like a blast from the past ’cause it’s all about the OG Prince of Persia, but in a totally awesome new way! Get ready to jump into action, beat tricky challenges, and show everyone how brave you are as the awesome prince in this super exciting game!

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