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MX Player Pro v1.78.6 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

MX Player Pro It’s like the coolest version of MX Player ever! It has super cool features, you can customise it however you want, and best of all, no annoying ads while you watch stuff! It’s gonna be so awesome! OMG! MX Player Pro is super cool! It’s made by MX Media & Entertainment and the best media player ever! It has, so many awesome features and stuff. perfect for people who want a really good media player.

Advanced Hardware Acceleration

MX Player Pro is like super cool because it uses fancy technology to make your videos play really smooth and without any annoying pauses. It’s like magic for your media files! This cool tech makes sure you can watch all your fave videos and movies without any annoying pauses or buffering.

Multi-Core Decoding

The app’s super cool multi-core decoding thingy makes your device work even better! It helps play videos in all kinds of formats and makes it super smooth and awesome. This makes watching stuff super smooth and awesome!

Support for All Formats

MX Player Pro is super cool! It can play sooo many different videos and songs. You don’t even need to worry about converting or using other players. It’s the ultimate media player for all your stuff!

Subtitle Customization

Make the words on your screen look super cool with subtitles that you can change however you want! You can pick different fonts, make them bigger or smaller, choose fun colours, and even make sure they match up perfectly with what’s happening in the video. It’s like having your own special subtitle superpowers! MX Player Pro super cool because it lets you watch movies and stuff from other countries without any problems. It’s really easy to use and stuff.

Gesture Controls

The app has super cool controls that let you change the volume, brightness, and how far along you are in a video just by using your fingers to do special moves. It’s so easy and fun! These controls make things easier for you and make watching stuff more comfy.

Kids Lock

MX Player Pro super cool ’cause it has this awesome feature that stops you from accidentally touching stuff while you’re watching videos. It’s perfect for parents and babysitters ’cause it keeps the kiddos safe and happy.

Ad-Free Experience

One of the super cool things about MX Player Pro is that it doesn’t have any annoying ads. So you can watch all your favourite videos without any interruptions! Have fun watching stuff without annoying ads or pop-ups getting in the way!

Network Streaming

You can, watch videos from lots of different places right in the app! MX Player Pro is sooo cool! It lets you watch stuff from the internet without even leaving the app. You can watch all sorts of things, it’s like having a whole world of videos right at your fingertips!

Subtitle Download and Integration

Hey, you can totally get subtitles for your videos super easily and make them fit right into your watching time. It’s like magic! This thingy is super cool for films from other countries and stuff that’s not in English.

Customizable User Interface

MX Player Pro is like super cool ’cause you can totally change how it looks! You can make it all fancy and stuff to match what you like! It’s like having your own personalised video player, how awesome is that?! Pick cool themes and layouts to make your own super awesome media player that looks really cool!

Regular Updates and Enhancements

MX Media & Entertainment always keeps MX Player Pro super cool with awesome new stuff, making it even better and supporting more cool things! The app keeps getting better and better with new stuff and cool features all the time!

One-Time Purchase

you can get MX Player Pro for just one payment and then you get all the cool stuff forever! No more annoying ads while you watch your favourite videos! It’s like the best deal ever! This pricing thingy is super cool ’cause it gives you lots of stuff to watch and listen to for a really good price!


MX Player Pro is like sooo cool! It totally changes how you watch stuff by giving you awesome features, ways to make it look how you want, and no annoying ads. It’s like the best way to watch videos and stuff! this app is sooo cool! It can play all kinds of stuff, like videos and music, and it even makes your device super fast! Plus, it’s super easy to use and has buttons that are really easy to understand. It’s like having a super awesome media player that can do everything you want for fun! Hey, if you love movies, TV shows, or just watching stuff, MX Player Pro is like super cool! It’s all about giving you the best media experience ever, with like awesome features and stuff. It’s like the best thing ever for watching and enjoying all your favourite stuff!

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