Idle Inn Empire: Hotel Tycoon


Unlimited Money + Gems

Idle Inn Empire v2.6.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money + Gems)

Idle Inn Empire like this super cool game called Idle Inn Empire, made by OUTLOU:D GAMES. You get to be in charge of your own inn from the olden times. It’s sooo much fun! Idle Inn Empire is, like, super cool! It has awesome graphics that are totally charming, and the gameplay is all about strategy. Plus, you can upgrade stuff forever and ever! It’s so much fun to build your own inn kingdom and make it bigger and better.

Introduction to Idle Inn Empire

In Idle Inn Empire, you get to be the boss of a super cool mediaeval inn! Your job is to make it the best inn ever and make lots of money. It’s gonna be so awesome! Like, when people start showing up, we gotta make sure they’re all comfy and stuff. And then we gotta give them yummy food and drinks, and make sure they’re having a blast with fun stuff to do. That way, they’ll be super happy and totally satisfied.

Key Features of Idle Inn Empire

Inn Management and Upgrades

OMG, the game is super cool! You can totally make your inn look awesome by adding all kinds of cool stuff like decorations, furniture, and cool things to do. It’s like having your own dream inn that you can make even better! Like, making the inn better not only makes it look cooler but also helps it work better and make more money!

Customer Satisfaction

Making sure guests are super duper happy is like, the most important thing ever in Idle Inn Empire! Players gotta, like, totally pay attention to what their customers want and like, you know? They gotta make sure that the peeps staying at the inn have a super awesome time and enjoy themselves.

Hiring and Training Staff

Like, to make the inn super awesome, you can totally hire and train staff members who have like, super cool abilities. Like, if you give everyone the right jobs and help them get better at what they do, then the service gets way better and customers are super happy!

Expanding the Inn Kingdom

Like, as the inn gets more popular, players can, like, totally explore and make their kingdom bigger! They can unlock cool new places and stuff to make their kingdom even more awesome! Like, if we make the kingdom bigger, we can totally make more money and have way more cool adventures!

Idle Profit Generation

Even when peeps aren’t playing with the inn, it still makes money by itself. Cool, right? Like, you can totally go back to the game and get cool stuff and keep going on your inn adventure!

The Calm and Rewarding Gameplay

Idle Inn Empire is, like, super cool! You get to, like, build and run your own inn. It’s all about taking it easy and having fun. You can totally go at your own speed and make it awesome! The game makes you earn money even when you’re not playing, so it’s great for people who don’t play a lot and want a chill gaming time.

In-App Purchases and Microtransactions

OMG, so like, Idle Inn Empire is totally free to play, but if you wanna get some super cool stuff, you can buy it with real money. They have this thing called premium currency and special items that you can get with in-app purchases. It’s like, so awesome! These things you can buy are like, totally optional and they’re for players who wanna level up quicker or get cool stuff that no one else can get.


Idle Inn Empire is, like, super cool! It’s this awesome game where you get to manage your own inn and have, like, so much fun! It’s not just for grown-ups, but for everyone, no matter how old you are! It’s like a magical adventure that you won’t want to stop playing! OMG, this game is sooo cool! The graphics are super cute, and you get to run your own inn and be all strategic and stuff. It’s like building your own awesome kingdom and it’s sooo much fun! You’ll totally get lost in this game, it’s like a magical adventure! If you like games where you don’t have to do much or just want a fun game to play on your phone, Idle Inn Empire is super cool! It’s all about running an inn in a magical mediaeval world and it’s so much fun!

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