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Homescapes v6.9.5 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins + Stars)

Homescapes is like, this super cool game made by Playrix. It’s, like, all about fixing up houses and solving puzzles at the same time. It’s, like, so much fun and you just can’t stop playing it! OMG, Homescapes is like, super cool! It has these awesome characters, a really fun story, and puzzles that will totally blow your mind. You get to fix up this old mansion and make it look amazing again.

Introduction to Homescapes

In Homescapes, you get to play as Austin, this super cool butler dude. He goes back to his old house from when he was a kid, and guess what? It’s, like, a total mess and needs a major makeover! Come play with Austin and help him fix the mansion and find cool stories hiding inside!

Key Features of Homescapes

Challenging Match-3 Puzzles

Homescapes is, like, super cool! It has these awesome puzzles where you gotta match stuff that’s all colourful and make big booms happen. It’s, like, a total challenge and so much fun! Solving puzzles is super cool ’cause you get stars! And you need those stars to keep going with the renovation stuff.

Mansion Renovation

As you keep playing the game, you can make the mansion look super cool by fixing and decorating different parts of it! OMG, like, from super dusty hallways to, like, totally ignored gardens, you can, like, totally change them into, like, the most amazing and, like, totally YOU place ever!

Engaging Storyline

OMG, the game has, like, the bestest story ever! It’s sooo heartwarming and has the most adorable characters ever! Players like, totally find out about the mansion’s history and learn more about Austin’s family, which makes the renovation journey super duper meaningful!

Power-Ups and Boosters

When you’re playing puzzles, you can use cool power-ups and boosters to beat the hard levels. These super cool tools help you get rid of stuff in your way and get mega high scores!

Interact with Characters

When you fix up the big house, you get to hang out with cool peeps who have super cool personalities and stories. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Tips for Success in Homescapes

Strategize Puzzle Moves

Make sure you think really hard about what you’re gonna do in those match-3 games. Hey, try to find cool ways to make super awesome combos and chain reactions to get the highest score ever!

Prioritize Renovations

Like, make sure you fix up and make the cool parts of the mansion look super awesome so you can keep the story going! As you keep going, more cool rooms and places open up, so you can be even more creative!

Complete Daily Tasks

Do stuff every day and get cool prizes and level up faster in the game!

Interact with Characters

Talk to the people who live in the big house to find out cool stories and learn about their lives.

Enjoy the Journey

Homescapes is, like, super cool ’cause you get to fix up this big ol’ mansion and stuff. But guess what? It’s not just about that! There’s also these really sweet stories you find out about and you get to make Austin’s home all warm and cosy. How awesome is that?! Take ur time, get all into the story, and have a blast on the adventure.


Homescapes is, like, super cool! It’s all about fixing up houses and solving puzzles. It’s, like, so much fun and makes you feel all warm inside! OMG, this game is sooo cool! It has super hard puzzles, a really fun story, and you get to make a super old house look awesome again! It’s like the best game ever, and you’ll have so much fun playing it! If you love puzzles or just want a super fun game on your phone, Homescapes is totally awesome! It’s all about fixing up and decorating stuff, and it has the most heartwarming stories ever! You’re gonna have a blast playing it!

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