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Home Design Makeover v5.6.5g APK + MOD (Unlimited Gold + Gems)

Home Design Makeover is like, this super cool game made by Storm8 Studios. It’s, like, so much fun and you can’t stop playing it! You get to be, like, a super awesome interior designer and make houses look totally rad. Home Design Makeover is, like, super cool! It has, like, so many awesome design choices and puzzles that make you think hard.

Introduction to Home Design Makeover

In Home Design Makeover, you get to be a super cool home designer who loves making awesome spaces that look amazing and work really well too! OMG, the game has like sooo many cool rooms! You can design cosy living rooms and super fancy bedrooms. It’s all about being creative and making homes look like masterpieces!

Key Features of Home Design Makeover

Creative Home Design Challenges

Home Design Makeover is, like, this super cool game where you get to solve all these awesome design challenges. It’s all about being creative and stuff! Like, every level needs you to think real smart and have a cool imagination to make the clients happy and make their homes look super awesome.

Match-3 Puzzles with Rewards

To, like, unlock cool stuff and finish projects, you gotta, like, solve these super fun match-3 puzzles! It’s, like, sooo awesome! The super fun and totally addictive puzzle gameplay is like, sooooo exciting! And guess what? You can earn in-game money to buy cool stuff for your designs! How awesome is that?!

Wide Range of Decorative Items

OMG, the game has, like, soooo many cool things to decorate your place with! You can pick from, like, a bazillion decorative items, furniture, and accessories! It’s, like, super awesome! OMG, you can totally mix and match styles to make your home look super cool and unique! It’s like creating your own special design that nobody else has. So awesome!

Realistic Design Simulation

Home Design Makeover is, like, super cool! You can make your own designs and see them come to life in the game. It’s like you’re a real designer, turning boring virtual spaces into awesome dream homes. So much fun!

Design Challenges and Events

Like, you can totally join design challenges and cool events where you show off your skills and compete with other players to win awesome prizes and get recognised!

Tips for Success in Home Design Makeover

Plan Your Design Wisely

Before you start doing something, like a project or whatever, you gotta stop and think about how you want it to look. Like, what’s the big idea or theme you want to go for? Think about what the clients like and how much money they have to make a design that they will really like and that fits their budget.

Master Match-3 Puzzles

Like, if you wanna get better at that match-3 puzzle game, you gotta work on your skills, dude. It’ll totally help you level up faster and stuff. Doing puzzles is super cool because when you finish them, you get awesome rewards and you can unlock even more cool design options!

Embrace Different Styles

Try out different cool designs, like super modern or totally old-school, to make all kinds of people happy with their own special preferences.

Utilize Special Boosters

When you play match-3 puzzles, use cool boosters and power-ups to beat hard levels super easily!

Participate in Events

Do cool design stuff and join fun events to get awesome prizes and show off your creativity to more people!


Home Design Makeover is, like, super cool! It’s, like, perfect for people who love being creative and designing homes. It’s, like, so much fun and makes you feel all happy inside! OMG, this game is sooo cool! You get to do all these fun design challenges and solve puzzles. And the best part is, you can make the most awesome virtual homes ever! It’s like being an interior designer and making everything look super pretty. I love it! If you wanna be a cool designer or just want a super fun game on your phone, Home Design Makeover is gonna be so awesome! You get to make spaces look totally amazing with your awesome creativity and style. It’s gonna be a super cool adventure!

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