Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery v1.1.105 APK + MOD (Unlimited Stars)

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars) Discover hidden objects, work through riddles, and unearth mysteries in the middle of Miami as you play this immersive hidden object game.


The Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery will plunge you into the glitz and glamour of Miami’s mysterious environment, so get ready to be transported there. The allure of this unique mobile Games lies in the fact that it blends the thrill of hidden object tasks with a captivating narrative. As you set out on a trip to rebuild a once-luxurious hotel, you will encounter alluring mysteries, solve complex puzzles, and unearth buried treasures along the way.

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery

Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery presents players with a dual challenge: to bring a run-down hotel back to its former splendor and to solve the mysteries that have been hidden behind its walls. As the main character, you will go on a journey that is full of unexpected turns and detours, during which you will interact with a cast of memorable people and investigate a complex network of mysteries that the hotel hides.

Sharpening Your Observation

Challenges revolving around finding hidden objects make up the bulk of the gameplay. You will be challenged with locating particular goods concealed within elaborately created environments. Hone your powers of observation, carefully examine the setting, and don’t be afraid to consult tips if you find it necessary to do so.

Solving Puzzles

The Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery Games features a number of different riddles and minigames, in addition to the hidden object scenarios. Each of the challenges, from putting together jigsaw Puzzles to playing memory games, makes a contribution to the larger plot. Maintain mental activity and attack each conundrum with an analytical and strategic perspective.

Earning Stars and Rewards

The number of stars you earn depends on how well you perform in the hidden object scenarios and riddles. You can advance through the tale and open up new parts of the hotel if you collect stars as you play through the game. Make good use of the awards you have earned to spruce up the hotel with your own unique style by renovating and redecorating it.

Hotel Restoration

You will have the option to restore and personalize a number of different areas as you progress through the hotel and uncover its previously hidden secrets. Choose furniture, decorations, and design elements for the hotel that are in keeping with the vision you have for it. Adding your own unique touches to the environment gives the Games more complexity and strengthens the player’s connection to the narrative.

Rebuilding the Hotel

A well-planned Strategy is required for a successful refurbishment. Determine which portions of the hotel to begin restoring first, taking into account the next step in the narrative as well as the incentives that come with completing each restoration. The path toward reviving the Hidden Hotel can be navigated with ease through astute decision-making.

Energy Management

The Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery game makes use of an energy system that restricts the amount of actions a player may perform at one time. Keep an eye on your health, and make sure each of your gaming sessions has a purposeful Strategy behind it. Instead of speeding through the game, you should be patient and wait for your energy to replenish.

Daily Quests and Challenges

Take part in the daily quests and challenges to increase your chances of securing more rewards and perks. Your development and the resources available to you can be considerably accelerated and improved if you are consistent in completing these chores.

In-Game Currency

The player has access to a variety of different kinds of in-game currency, each of which can be used for a particular purpose. Spend your currency wisely, giving vital purchases like extra lives and clues the highest priority, such as refilling your energy. Spending money on unnecessary things should be avoided if you want to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.


The game Hidden Hotel Miami Mystery is an innovative combination of different types of hidden object puzzles, creative renovation games, and solving mysteries. Dive into the heart of Miami’s attraction, work your way through challenging puzzles, and unearth the truth behind the enigma that is the Hidden Hotel. With the help of our professional advice and tactics, you will be well-equipped to give the hotel a new lease on life and revel in the thrill of uncovering the mysteries that have captivated you there.

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