Helix Jump


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Helix Jump v5.6.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Helix Jump super duper fun and exciting! It’s this game on your phone where you have to be, really quick and accurate. It’s sooooo addictive, you won’t be able to stop playing! Helix Jump is like soooo cool! It’s got super easy but fun gameplay, and the colours are totally awesome! Plus, there are so many hard parts to beat, which makes it super exciting for people who love fast games!

Introduction to Helix Jump

In Helix Jump, you get to be in charge of a super cool bouncing ball. It goes down this super twisty tower that has platforms that spin around and big gaps to jump over. It’s so much fun! The goal is to make sure the ball goes through all the cool twists and turns without falling into any holes or hitting stuff, and get to the bottom of the tower.

Key Features of Helix Jump

Simple One-Tap Controls

The game is super easy to play ’cause all you gotta do is tap the screen to move the ball around. It’s like magic! The ball goes where you tap it, so it’s super easy to play but really hard to get really good at.

Colorful and Vibrant Graphics

Helix Jump has like the most awesome graphics ever! They’re all colourful and vibrant, making the game super cool and fun to play. It’s like a total feast for your eyes and keeps you hooked for hours!

Challenging Levels

The game has, a bunch of levels that get harder and harder as you go. As you keep going up, the tower gets super duper hard and has, a gazillion obstacles!

Addictive Gameplay

Helix Jump is like sooo addicting! You just can’t stop playing it ’cause you wanna beat your high score and do even better than before! It’s like a total challenge, but super fun at the same time!

Endless Mode and High Scores

The game has, this super cool mode where you can go down the tower forever and ever! You just keep going and see how far you can get! It’s so awesome! You can play against yourself and your buddies to get the biggest score ever!

Tips for Success in Helix Jump

Time Your Taps

Timing super duper important in Helix Jump! Just tap the screen at the right time to move the ball through the gaps and not hit stuff.

Anticipate Platform Movements

Watch the spinning platforms and guess where they’ll go next. This lets you plan your next moves and not get trapped.

Focus and Stay Calm

Stay super focused and keep your cool while you’re playing! Being super duper precise and focused is totally important if you wanna go down the tower without any oopsies.

Be Patient

sometimes the levels can be super hard, but don’t give up, okay? Just be patient, keep practising a lot, and make sure to learn from your boo-boos.

Compete with Friends

Hey guys, let’s challenge our friends and see who can get the biggest score! It’s gonna be so much fun, I can’t wait to see who wins! Competing with friends is super cool and makes everything more fun! It also makes us want to get even better at stuff.


Helix Jump super duper exciting and totally addictive! You have to, go through this crazy tower thingy and sooo challenging! You gotta be, super precise and have, lightning-fast reflexes! the best arcade game ever! this game is like sooo cool! It’s got easy controls, super pretty graphics, and it’s really hard too! It’s like the perfect game for people who love arcade games and want something fun and exciting to play! Hey, if you got some time or just want a super fun game, Helix Jump is the bomb! It’s all about using your skills and thinking ahead to beat the levels. Trust me, it’s so addicting!

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