Happy Glass


Unlimited Coin + Hint

Happy Glass v1.2.4 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coin + Hint)

Happy Glass and you can totally download it for free! And wait, it gets even better – there’s a mod version where you can have unlimited coins and hints! How awesome is that?!


In Happy Glass, all you gotta do is draw lines to help water go into a super sad glass and make it all happy and full. It’s not easy, but it’s super fun and tricky! If you use less ink and finish the level super fast, you’ll get more stars! Use your super cool imagination and brain power to beat all the tough stuff and make the glass happy again!


OMG, the Happy Glass Apk + Mod is like super cool! It has these awesome features that make filling the glass even more fun and exciting. It’s like a total blast! Let’s check out some of the cool stuff:

Unlimited Coins

With the super cool version, you’ll have, like, a gazillion coins that never run out! Hey, use these super cool coins to unlock hints, buy awesome new pen colours, and even skip those tough levels if you want to!

Unlimited Hints

Never ever get stuck again with, like, unlimited hints that you can use whenever you want! It’s super cool and you’ll never have to worry about being stuck in a game ever again! Umm, like, use hints to, you know, figure out how to beat those super tricky puzzles and move forward in the game. It’s like getting secret clues that help you solve the puzzles and keep going. So cool, right?

Charming and Engaging Gameplay

Have so much fun playing Happy Glass! You get to draw lines and solve puzzles that are all about physics. Your goal is to fill up the glass. It’s super cool and exciting!

Multiple Levels and Challenges

Come on an epic adventure through lots of cool levels! Each level has super fun challenges and obstacles that will totally test your skills. It’s gonna be awesome!

Tips for Mastering Happy Glass Puzzles

If you wanna be, like, super good at filling the glass in Happy Glass, here are some tips you should totally check out:

Observe and Plan: Hey, like, before you start drawing lines, you gotta, like, take a moment and look at the level. Plan your moves and stuff, you know? Like, think about how the water moves and when it moves to make your results the best.

Use Hints Wisely: Like, dude, if you have, like, a bunch of hints that you can use whenever you want, make sure you use them wisely when you’re, like, super stuck and don’t know what to do. Hints are super cool and can give you awesome tips to beat those tough levels!

Earn Three Stars: Try to get three stars on every level by using as little ink as possible and finishing the puzzle super fast! Try to be, like, super duper perfect so you can get, like, the most awesome rewards ever!

Experiment with Physics: OMG, Happy Glass is, like, totally about physics! It’s all about how stuff moves and stuff. So cool! Try out different ways to pour water into the glass and see which one works the best!

Take Breaks: If you’re like, totally stuck on a super hard level, just take a chill break and come back later when your brain is all refreshed. Trust me, it’ll be way easier then! Sometimes, like, when you think really hard and stuff, you can come up with, like, a way cooler idea.


Happy Glass is, like, super cool! It’s a puzzle game that’s, like, totally addictive and fun. You’ll have a blast playing it for, like, hours and hours! OMG! With the Happy Glass Apk + Mod, you can get like, unlimited coins and hints! It’s sooo cool and makes your glass-filling adventure super duper fun! Use your super cool imagination, smart brain, and science smarts to beat the challenges and make the sad little glass super duper happy! Are you like, super duper ready to go on this totally awesome adventure and like, totally beat Happy Glass by solving all the puzzles? Let’s do it, dude!

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