Dragon Hills 2


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Dragon Hills 2 v1.2.15 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money + Gems)

Dragon Hills 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money + Gems) will send you on a raging journey, so get ready! Plunge into the world of a daring princess who rides a dragon through treacherous terrain. This realm is packed with exciting action.


With the release of Dragon Hills 2, get ready to be completely submerged in a world of raging excitement. This smartphone Games takes the idea of Adventure and elevates it to an entirely new level by combining the excitement of dragon riding with daring acrobatics, furious battles, and fascinating scenery. This article will serve as your definitive guide to mastering this enthralling game. It will provide you with insights, guidance, and techniques that will assist you in ruling supreme as a courageous princess and her dependable dragon companion.

Dragon Hills 2

In Dragon Hills 2, players are introduced to an audacious princess who courageously rides her dragon across perilous landscapes, breaking through the earth’s crust and soaring through the skies. Your objective is to lead the two characters safely through a number of increasingly difficult stages that are packed with dangerous foes, tricky obstacles, and valuable secrets. As you make progress through the game, you will need to perfect your skills, improve the powers of your dragon, and devise strategies in order to defeat progressively difficult obstacles.

Choosing the Right Dragon

Your faithful fire-breathing friend is at the center of Dragon Hills 2, and for good reason. You get to pick from a variety of dragons, each of which has its own set of skills. Invest your hard-earned gold and treasures in upgrades that will improve your dragon’s fire breath, flight speed, and durability as you collect more coins and treasures.

The topography of the Games consists of a variety of environments, including caves, molten lava, and open skies. When you first emerge from the ground or descend into the depths, timing is of the utmost importance. Having complete control over the controls enables you to make seamless transitions and preserves your momentum.

Combating Enemies

During the course of your journey, you will face off against a wide variety of foes, ranging from knights to robots. Target your foes with laser-like precision and unleash devastating fire breath attacks. Due to the fact that some foes require numerous hits to be eliminated, precision is of the utmost importance.

Acquiring Loot

It is crucial to your progression that you gather coins along the way so that you can purchase upgrades and power-ups. A major advantage can be gained by equipping your dragon with power-ups like shields, magnets, and speed enhancements in order to assist it in completing its task.

Evading Hazards

In Dragon Hills 2, there is an abundance of dangerous hazards. It takes lightning-fast reflexes and a keen vision to swiftly manipulate your dragon so that you can escape spikes, chasms, and other hazards.

Boss Battles

Fights against bosses are the most difficult challenges in the game. Research the patterns of their attacks, figure out where they are vulnerable, and then patiently schedule your own assaults to achieve victory.

Level Exploration

Take your time and properly investigate each level to find hidden passages, additional money, and hidden regions; don’t rush through the levels. These jewels have the potential to make a substantial improvement to your dragon’s capabilities.

Perfecting Aerial Maneuvers

Flight is a skill that must be mastered in order to successfully navigate complex settings. To be able to master even the most difficult terrains, you need to practice making precise landings, quick takeoffs, and turns in the air.

Resource Management

Even though both upgrades and power-ups are essential, you should put more of your focus on acquiring upgrades. Power-ups only last for a limited time, but increasing your fire breath and durability will assure your continued success.


The combination of thrill, strategy, and skill that can be found in Dragon Hills 2 is truly explosive. Assist a courageous princess and her dragon sidekick on their quest to overcome obstacles, vanquish foes, and unearth hidden treasures as you travel alongside them on their epic adventure. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a legend in the fiery world of Dragon Hills 2 if you can master the ideal combination of precision, timing, and strategic thinking.

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