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BitLife v3.7.12 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

BitLife It’s like this super cool game made by Candywriter. You get to live a whole life, from being born to, like, dying and stuff. It’s sooo addictive, you won’t be able to stop playing! OMG, BitLife is like soooo cool! You can do, like, anything and make choices and stuff.

Introduction to BitLife

In BitLife, you get to be a character and make choices that change your whole life! OMG, BitLife is like sooo cool! You get to make big decisions about school, jobs, crushes, and stuff. And there’s like, random things that happen too, which is super exciting. It’s just like real life, but way more fun!

Key Features of BitLife

Choose Your Own Path

BitLife is, like, this super cool game where you get to make choices for your virtual life. It’s like you’re in charge of everything, from when you’re born to when you’re all grown up! Like, you get to pick where your character is from and what their name is. And then you can decide what they do for a job and who they’re friends with. It’s all up to you to decide what happens to your virtual self.

Random Events and Surprises

OMG, life in BitLife is like, soooooo crazy! There are, like, random things that happen and stuff that totally changes your character’s story. It’s like a super fun adventure! Like, you gotta go through all these crazy challenges and stuff in the game. It’s like, you never know what’s gonna happen next!

Realistic Life Simulation

The game is super cool ’cause it’s like real life! You get to make choices and see what happens. It’s all about what you decide, dude! Like, when you study super hard and do really well in school, it’s awesome because it helps you be all smart and stuff. But then, if you start doing risky things, it can totally mess up your life and change who you are. So, every choice you make, whether it’s good or bad, has a big effect on your character and how your life turns out.

Explore Different Careers and Lifestyles

OMG, BitLife is, like, super cool ’cause you can, like, choose from, like, soooo many jobs and ways to live your life! It’s, like, totally awesome! Like, you can totally be a boss entrepreneur, a super cool doctor, or a world-traveling adventurer in the game! It’s all about trying out different jobs and ways of living.

Legacy and Family Management

You can keep playing the game by being in charge of the character’s kids and grandkids! Like, making a really cool legacy and like, taking care of your family’s money and stuff makes the game way more fun and interesting.

The Thrill of Living a Virtual Life

BitLife is, like, super cool ’cause you get to live a virtual life and do, like, anything you want! It’s, like, totally awesome! OMG, you can like totally try out different stuff and see what happens! It’s so cool ’cause you can make your characters have all these crazy adventures and stuff. It’s like making up awesome stories and playing them out!

In-App Purchases and Microtransactions

Hey, so like, BitLife is totally free to play, but if you wanna get some cool stuff and extra features, you can buy stuff with real money in the game. These cool things you can buy are totally up to you, and they’re for players who want extra special stuff or to level up faster in the game.


OMG, BitLife is, like, soooo cool! It’s this game where you can, like, live a whole other life on your phone. You get to do all these fun things and make choices that, like, totally affect your virtual life. It’s, like, super immersive and you can, like, live your best life ever! OMG, BitLife is like the coolest game ever! You can do whatever you want, and it’s sooo real with all the tough stuff life throws at you. Plus, there are like, so many surprises along the way. It’s, like, totally the best game for anyone who wants a super fun and interactive time!

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