Super Starfish


Unlimited Moonstone

Super Starfish v4.0.17 APK + MOD (Unlimited Moonstone)

Super Starfish It’s totally amazing and takes you on an awesome journey through space and stuff. Protostar made it, and they’re the best game developers ever! So, get ready to dive into the cosmic world of Super Starfish and have the most epic time ever! Get ready for, a super cool adventure in outer space! You get to be a cute little starfish and explore the galaxy.

A Cosmic Adventure

In Super Starfish you get to go on a super cool space adventure as a super awesome starfish! Your job is to, swim super cool in space and grab all these, colourful pieces called “Star Seeds.” The super cool Star Seeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, making the sky look extra magical and awesome!

Stunning Visuals and Serene Soundtrack

the game looks soooooo cool! The graphics are totally amazing and will blow your mind! every level soooo amazing! It’s like a super cool work of art with, the most awesome space scenes and, the most colourful colours ever! soooo mind-blowing and makes you go, “Wow!” the Star Seeds and other space stuff look sooooo cool! They pay so much attention to every little detail, and it makes everything look even more awesome!

The pictures are super cool and the music is soooo relaxing and makes you feel like you’re actually there! The chill music goes perfectly with the game, making it feel super peaceful as you explore outer space. Super Starfish soooooo cool! The pictures and music together make it, super awesome and relaxing. the best thing ever!

Swim, Collect, and Customize

as the starfish, your super cool mission is to, swim through space and totally dodge obstacles while collecting Star Seeds. It’s gonna be epic! The game’s controls are super easy to use, so you can move around really smoothly. It’s great for everyone, no matter how old you are!

when you collect Star Seeds, you can unlock, totally cool new galaxies! And guess what? Each galaxy has its own super fun challenges and awesome rewards! sooo exciting! As you keep going, you can make your starfish look super cute with lots of cool skins! It’s like giving your starfish its own style and making it unique while you explore the galaxy.

Unlock Cosmic Creatures

During your super cool space adventure, you’re gonna meet these awesome space creatures that help you out in all sorts of ways! these super cool creatures called “StarBuddies” have awesome powers that can totally help you get more Star Seeds or keep you safe from danger! collecting and taking care of these super cool StarBuddies makes the game way more fun and makes you think really hard about what to do!

Cosmic Spacecrafts and Portals

as you go super far into space, you’ll totally see these cool spaceships that can take you to different galaxies. It’s like a magical portal or something! these portals are super cool and stuff! They have all these awesome challenges and stuff, and if you do them right, you can find more Star Seeds and unlock even more cool stuff to do!

Daily Challenges and Rewards

Super Starfish sooo cool! It has these awesome challenges every day that make you want to keep playing and stay super excited! By doing these cool challenges, players can win awesome rewards like super rare Star Seeds and other super valuable stuff! The daily rewards thingy makes you wanna play every day and go on cool adventures and stuff.

Compete and Compare

If you wanna be the best, Super Starfish has leaderboards for the whole world to see! You can, check out how you’re doing compared to other players from all over the world! It’s super cool ’cause it makes the peaceful space adventure all exciting and competitive.

Adventures Beyond the Stars

Protostar always adds cool stuff to Super Starfish! They make new galaxies and add fun things to make the game even more awesome. It’s like going on a big space adventure that keeps getting bigger and better! they’re super committed to giving us new stuff all the time, so the game stays super fun and awesome for everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a pro!


Super Starfish this totally awesome game that takes you to, this super cool place in space! It’s all about exploring and finding cool stuff and it’s just soooo pretty and amazing! this game is soooo cool! It has, the most amazing graphics ever, and the music super relaxing. And the best part the game soooo addictive! a total escape into outer space and stuff. swim super gracefully through the stars and, collect these totally dazzling Star Seeds! And guess what? You can, unlock all the secrets of the universe in thsuper enchanting mobile game! It’s gonna be, sooo amazing! “Super Starfish” totally awesome! It shows how mobile gaming can be, super magical and makes you feel like you’re actually inside the game! so cool!

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