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Property Brothers Home Design v3.1.6 APK + MOD (Gold + Gems)

Property Brothers Home Design this super cool game on your phone that’s based on the awesome HGTV show. You get to be all creative and stuff, and work with the Property Brothers to renovate and design homes. It’s soooo much fun! OMG, you guys! Property Brothers Home Design is, like, the coolest game ever! It’s got super fun gameplay, and you get to make houses look totally awesome!

Introduction to Property Brothers Home Design

OMG, in Property Brothers Home Design, you get to hang out with Drew and Jonathan Scott, the super famous Property Brothers! Together, you work on all these cool home renovation projects. It’s gonna be so much fun! OMG, you won’t believe it! So, like, there are these old houses and boring places, right? But then, these cool players team up with experts to make them super awesome! They turn them into, like, the most beautiful, functional, and totally personalised dream homes ever! It’s, like, so amazing!

Key Features of Property Brothers Home Design

Home Renovation Challenges

The game is super cool because you get to fix up houses and make them look awesome! By doing cool stuff and finishing projects, you get awesome prizes that help you level up in your renovation adventure!

Design Customization

You can totally make your own cool rooms in the game! Like, you can design the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and stuff. It’s super fun! OMG, there’s, like, soooo many cool furniture, decor, and design stuff out there! You can, like, totally create, like, a gazillion different awesome things with them!

Uncover Personal Stories

OMG, when you change each house, you find out all these cool stories and stuff about the people who live there! It’s like, so interesting to learn about their lives and what they’re all about. Like, the feelings you have when you’re fixing up something are super important, dude. They make the whole process way cooler and more satisfying.

Engaging Puzzles

The game has super cool and tricky puzzles that you gotta solve to get lots of coins and unlock awesome new stuff to design with! The puzzle part makes the game super cool and fun!

Home Design Inspiration

OMG, Property Brothers Home Design is, like, the coolest game ever! It’s all about getting inspo for designing homes from the super talented Scott brothers. They’re, like, total design gurus and they’ll help you make your dream home a reality. So much fun! OMG, like, with their super cool tips and advice, players can, like, learn, you know, valuable design stuff and ideas for their own real-life projects. It’s gonna be so awesome!

Tips for Success in Property Brothers Home Design

Budget Wisely

Make sure you put your money on the cool stuff that makes a big difference in how things look. Like, you gotta make sure your renovation looks cool and works awesome too!

Master the Puzzles

Solve puzzles real good to get more cool stuff and go faster in your renovation stuff. Like, dude, you gotta practise and come up with cool strategies to get better at solving puzzles. It’s gonna be so much fun, trust me!

Listen to the Homeowners

Like, make sure you listen to what the homeowners want and what they need, okay? Make sure to put what they want in your designs so that the spaces look super cool and show off their awesome personalities!

Experiment with Design Styles

Check out all the cool design styles and like, mix and match stuff to make each home look super awesome and totally unique!

Enjoy the Journey

Come on, let’s have fun changing houses and finding cool stories! OMG, Property Brothers Home Design is like sooo cool! It’s not just about fixing stuff, it’s about making awesome spaces that totally change people’s lives!


OMG, Property Brothers Home Design is, like, sooo cool! It’s, like, super fun for people who love designing stuff and are fans of the Property Brothers show. It’s, like, a total blast! OMG, this game is like sooo cool! It has like super fun challenges where you get to renovate stuff and make it look awesome. And the design ideas are like totally inspiring, they give you so many cool ideas for your own room. Plus, you get to connect with the homeowners and feel all the feels. It’s like a real adventure in home design, and it’s sooo exciting! OMG, if you love watching home makeover shows or just really like making things look pretty, you HAVE to play Property Brothers Home Design! It’s, like, super fun and you get to renovate and design the most amazing dream homes ever! It’s, like, a total blast!

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