FRAG Pro Shooter


All Characters + Diamond

FRAG Pro Shooter v3.18.0 APK + MOD (All Characters + Diamond)

FRAG Pro Shooter You can download the Apk + Mod version and get all the characters and diamonds!

Introduction to FRAG Pro Shooter

OMG, FRAG Pro Shooter is, like, the coolest game ever! It’s super fun and you get to shoot stuff really fast with your friends. It’s all about teamwork and having a blast! Pick your favourite characters with cool weapons and super cool powers, and have epic battles in awesome arenas! OMG, this game is soooo easy to play! The controls are like super easy to understand, and the game is like soooo much fun! Anyone can play it, no matter how good they are at games!

Features of FRAG Pro Shooter

OMG, the FRAG Pro Shooter Apk + Mod is like super cool! It has all these awesome features that make your gaming experience like, totally amazing! Let’s like, check out some of the super cool stuff:

Unlock All Characters

With the super cool version, you’ll get to play as all the awesome characters right from the beginning! Pick your faves and put together a super cool team to win battles with lots of different powers and stuff.

Unlimited Diamonds

Get like, infinite diamonds with this super cool mod! You can buy anything you want in the game, level up your characters, and unlock all the awesome stuff! It’s gonna be so epic!

Fast-Paced Battles

Dude, get ready to totally dive into these super intense and crazy battles! You gotta be quick and make smart moves if you wanna win, bro!

Unique Character Abilities

OMG, like, every character in FRAG Pro Shooter is super cool and has, like, their own special powers and ways to play! It’s so awesome because you can, like, make a team with different characters and come up with, like, really smart strategies. The gameplay is, like, always changing and exciting!

Tips for Dominating the Battlefield

If you wanna be super awesome at FRAG Pro Shooter and totally rule the battlefield, check out these tips:

Experiment with Characters: Hey, try out all the cool characters and see which ones you like the most for your playstyle and team! It’s super fun to mix and match and find the perfect team for you!

Team Synergy: Hey, let’s make a super cool team with awesome characters who can work together and make each other even more powerful! We want them to have abilities that go really well together and make them a super strong team.

Master Special Abilities: Hey, dude! Wanna know a cool trick? You gotta learn how to use each character’s special power to totally crush your enemies in a fight. It’s like having a secret weapon that can totally change the game! So, get ready to unleash those special abilities and dominate the battlefield!

Map Awareness: Get to know all the cool maps and use the stuff around you to win battles!

Stay Agile: Just keep moving and don’t stay in one place for too long so the bad guys can’t get you easily.


OMG, FRAG Pro Shooter is, like, super awesome! It’s, like, all about shooting and playing with a team. It’s sooo exciting and action-packed! You gotta try it, it’s the best! OMG, with the FRAG Pro Shooter Apk + Mod, you can, like, unlock all the cool characters and get, like, unlimited diamonds! It’s so awesome because then you can totally win all the battles and have the most epic team ever! Play super cool battles, use awesome powers, and level up to become a total pro shooter! Are you like super duper ready to like totally take on players from all over the world and show off your mad skills in FRAG Pro Shooter? It’s gonna be like so epic, dude!

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